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[Podcast] T*2-Intro & Steam Announcement


This week we bring you a new Podcast series called T*2, where two mountain GNDs talk about things related to geekery/nerdom/mountain-life and animals. Enjoy!

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Out of HP Podcast 31 – Game Reviews

Podcast Header

This week we talk about game reviews and ask whether they’re good, bad, or just a necessary evil that we could do better.

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Out of HP Podcast 30 – The Playstation 4

Podcast - Generic

Well we’ve spent a week mulling over the Sony even on the 20th where they announced the Playstation 4 and we’re here to give you our thoughts on it from it’s lineup potential to what it might mean for the competition.

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Gaming 101 Valentine’s Edition – Dating Sims

Gaming 101

This episode Derek the Dungeon Master brings you a very special presentation about Dating Sims.    

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Pixels vs Pigments- flOw Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Flow oofhp

This month our Onlooker gives us a Flow-inspired makeup look! Pixels VS Pigments will feature looks inspired by anything and everything video games, but also recreations of looks as submitted by you the viewers (the more requests the better.) Hopefully you enjoy these tutorials and you let us know in the comments what you’d like […]

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AGDQ 2013: Gaming Does Good Too


Dannie Phan The OP There has been a bit of a dark cloud hanging over video games while researchers, politicians, parents and gamers discuss violence in video games. But there’s room in the sky for some rainbows if we shed light on the good things that the gaming community has been doing this week. Speed […]

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Rekindle the Book Burnings [UPDATED]


Joel Paarmann The Prime Specimen Let’s rekindle the book burnings and ban that pesky Rock and Roll again. While it never takes long for video games to get blamed in the wake of a tragedy, 2012 has been a really rough year for games. So many times we heard “violent video games and movies breed […]

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CES Begins: Nvidia to Join the Console Fray

Nvidia Project Shield

CES kicked off in high fashion today, as Nvidia announced it is entering the handheld console market with Project Shield. While their chips have been used in products ranging from the PS3 to the Ouya, this is the first time the company has created a console, or any standalone device, for that matter. This marks […]

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Brace yourself, new systems are coming.


Hello 2013, is it time for new consoles? YES! For anyone not aware of the future of gaming, the OUYA is the Android OS powered, open hardware, developer console that as of late December 2012 has started to ship it’s development kits. BUT! Hot on the heels of the OUYA is a new Android console […]

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Out of HP Podcast 2.5 – XBLA, PSN and Steam

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The Out of HP Podcast is back (and hopefully it’ll stay that way). This week Dannie, DP, Derek and Michael talk about online market places.

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